Market leader in the Netherlands

Crystal colloidal is known for her passion for quality. This helps us to help thousands of satisfied customers. Our company has now become the market leader in the Netherlands.

21 Years of experience

With 21 years of experience in the profession, we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors. In recent years, we have continually improved our products to guarantee the best quality.

Analyses by Laboratory

We let our products and those of our competitors be thoroughly tested by various independent laboratories. This way we can guarantee that our products contain the best colloidal minerals.


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The company

Crystal Colloidal

Since the founding of the Crystal company in 1998, more and more has been written internationally about colloidal silver, colloidal gold, colloidal platinum, colloidal iridium, colloidal zinc, colloidal silica and colloidal copper and their health effects. Many of those messages are skeptical or even negative.

Quality is our best advertisement

The new European legislation is an additional factor in the way in which Crystal publicizes and informs about its products. This stipulates that hardly any explicit advertising can be made for health products in the alternative sphere.

In particular, in marketing or on packaging it is not or hardly mentioned what products are good for or against which ailments they help. The most determining marketing factor for Crystal is therefore to deliver the highest quality at all times.

Operation of the minerals

Thanks to more than 21 years of extensive experience with colloidal products, Crystal has built up a great deal of knowledge about colloidal minerals and their effects. That, in combination with scientific experience, has since made Crystal a company that has set a standard for the quality of colloidal products.

This standard is supported by numerous international studies and measurements. In that sense, Crystal is the best company dedicated to the sale of colloidal minerals.

Crystal also has a wealth of positive stories about the personal experiences of users in terms of how colloidal silver works. However, the emphasis has shifted to the quality of Crystal’s products, not to their applications.