What does the Dutch government say about the maximum allowable intake of Silver?

We repeatedly notice that the data on our site and packaging does not appeal to the imagination because there is no reference data. That is why two examples are detailed below. The criteria set by the government serve as a reference.
The first reference concerns the quality requirements of the Water Supply Decree Annex A. pertaining to Articles 4 to 4d.

The second reference concerns the permitted MAC value at your workplace as recorded in the Government Gazette December 28, 2006, no. 252 / p. 23.

First reference:

In the following comparison we try to give you insight by making a comparison between what you can take each day by drinking tap water and accidentally swallowing 10 ppm of colloidal silver.

It is often heard that it is healthy to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. This is 1500 cc.

Lead: We now take the example of the amount of lead allowed under the water act as listed in the table below.

Parameter Maximum value  unit Maximum value in ppm
Arsenic 10 g/l 0.01
Boron 0.5 mg/l 0.5
Cadmium 5 g/l 0.005
Chrome 50 g/l 0.05
Cyanides 50 g/l 0.05
Fluoride 1.1 mg/l 1.1
Copper 2 mg/l 2
Mercury 1 g/l 0.001
Lead 10 g/l 0.01
Nickel 20 g/l 0.02

When drinking 1.5 litres of tap water, it is specified in the table that 1.5ltr x 10 g / l = 15 micrograms per daily intake of lead. One may assumes that this is for a life time, as such restrictions are not mentioned.

Conclusion comparison

Colloidal silver:

For days, weeks, one considers it necessary that one takes about 5 cc of 10 ppm colloidal silver. The amount of silver that it takes is 5 * 10 * 10-6 g = 50 μg per day, only three times as much as the toxic lead.

For example, in five days you swallow 250 micrograms of silver.
For example, in 20 years, of drinking tap water one may take up to 109 500 micrograms of lead into your body.

The conclusion of this comparison is that in 20 years 109500/250 = 762 cycles silver could be taken without going over the amount of lead allowed. This equates to 762/20 = 38 courses a year, almost every week a cure, of an almost continuous intake.

In addition, all the substances listed in the table are not without danger for the body upon ingestion.

Guidelines in the United States:

EPA directive from the United States on the intake of silver by food and beverage for a person of 160 pounds (72.5 kg) is 364 micrograms per day.

The EPA proposed maximum amount of silver in drinking water is: 0.1 mgr / l (0.1 ppm)

The EPA maximum daily consumption of silver, based on a daily consumption, should not exceed. 1.09 mgr. per day. This is each day 100 ml colloidal silver.

MAC value silver:

MAC value silver metallic (colloidal silver is metallic).

The MAC value is the maximum acceptable concentration of a substance in the air at a workplace, based on an 8 hour working day and a 40 hour week.

Therefore, one can breathe for 5 days a week and for 8 hours a day, air that is contaminated with a concentration of a substance that is lower than the MAC value yet without having your health harmed. The MAC values are set by the government and published in the Government Gazette.

We will now take as an example the MAC value for silver metallic. This value is 0.1 mgr / m3. See Gazette December 28, 2006, no. 252 / p. 23. For silver compounds this value lies by a factor of 10 lower and on 0.01 mgr / m3.

For lead a maximum of 70 mg per 100 ml of blood applies. An adult with an average of 5 liter = 5000 ml of blood is allowed to have 5000 ml * 70 mg / 100 ml = 3,500 micrograms of lead in the blood without permanent health damage.

An adult breathes every day more than 16 000 litres = 16 m3 of air in and out.

This means that, per one working day of 8 hours average breathing at least 5.3 m3 of air. Now imagine that the person works the whole day in an environment where the permitted amount of 0.1 mgr / m3 silver is present in the air. This means that this person takes in 5.3 m3 * 0.1 mgr / m3 = 0.53 mgr silver.

0.53 mgr = 530 micrograms

Conclusion: According to the government a person who participates in the work force for fourty years, every day is allowed be exposed to the inhalation of 530 micrograms of silver per day.

Long term:

So at 200 days per year for 40 years, the amount that this person will take in, without any lasting damage to his/her health will be 40 * 200 * 530 ug silver = 4,240,000 ug silver = 4240 mg silver = 4:24 gr silver.

You can take therefore for 40 years every day, 530 micrograms of silver. However, one could even take 10 times as much every day for 40 years without lasting harmful effects.