Color real colloidal silver

Unlike most colloidal silver products, Crystal colloidal silver is an amber-colored liquid, similar to dark, chilled tea. It is the high concentration of the Crystal silver particles and not the particle size or contamination that determines this characteristic color of Crystal colloidal silver.

Previously it was assumed that the dark color would indicate the presence of large silver particles. This is the case for colloidal silver where other production methods are used.
An aqueous color indicates that it is not colloidal silver, but ionic silver.

The very small particle size of Crystal colloidal silver is confirmed by using the most modern measuring methods, specially developed for measuring particles of this size.

The High Performance Particle Size (HPPS) measuring instrument, produced by Malvern Instrument Ltd in England, is capable of measuring even colloidal particles with a size of 0.65 nm. The particle report of the Malvern HPPS indicates that the particles of Crystal Silver have a diameter of 0.65 nm which corresponds to 19 to 20 atoms. These particles are therefore the smallest colloidal silver particles in any product on the market.

After opening, the color of Crystal Silver can change to gray, depending on the atmospheric pollution present. This color change is not an indication of a problem with the product and is not a cause for concern. It has no effect on the effectiveness (effect) of the product.