Silver has been used for centuries for various applications. But what exactly is colloidal silver? And how long has it been used? In this blog you can read about the origin of silver water and what the water of Crystal Colloidal consists of.

What is silver water?

Colloidal silver is also called nanosilver or silver water. This is a liquid substance that contains silver particles. These parts are so small that they are impossible to see with the naked eye. The silver particles used for crystal colloidal silver water are made from 0.9999 hours of silver and Grander® vitalized ultra pure water. The silver water has a concentration of 10 ppm and consists of 80.5% colloidal silver particles with a size of 0.65 nanometers. This composition ensures that Crystal colloidal silver has the largest effective working surface of 7.1m2/liter. Most of this water consists of silver particles instead of silver ions.

History of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver has a long history. The use of silver even goes back many centuries and occurred around 400 BC for the first time in our history. Hippocrates, the father of contemporary medicine, praised silver for its positive effect on health care, among other things. In 1861, Scottish chemist Thomas Graham figured out how to produce colloidal particles. These particles were so small that they remained suspended in a liquid and thus silver water was created. Eight years later, in 1869, the oligodynamic effect was described by the Swiss Carl von Nageli. This research showed that colloidal metal suspensions from, for example, silver, metal and tin had a microbiocidal effect. Over the years, various medical and antiseptic applications have been developed from this.

The effect of silver on the health and well-being of humans and animals has been known for centuries. Because of this positive effect, no doctor used to go out the door without taking a supply of silver in the doctor’s bag. Until 1999, colloidal silver was sold and used as a medicine. This changed with the advent of antiseptic agents and chemical antibiotics. Silver and silver water was used less and less and slowly faded into the background. At the moment, another shift is taking place in this. People are becoming increasingly in need of natural resources that positively affect health. Partly due to the results in the past and the good name of colloidal silver, a quick comeback is being made.