Do you regularly wake up tired? Or do you feel so futile after a day’s work that you prefer to plonk yourself on the couch for a long time? Then you probably think back with wistfully to the time when you still had energy to spend a night or keep 100 balls in the air. In this blog you will therefore find tips to get more energy quickly and above all easily.

What is energy

When it comes to our smartphones, we know exactly what energy is. Is our battery going to be red? Then we’ll charge it quickly to keep it from falling out. We deal with our own energy a lot more casually. In the evening we work quickly to meet a deadline, plan our weekend full of social obligations or respond to messages all day long. Relaxation is increasingly being replaced by activities that cost energy rather than yield it. Do you know what gives you energy? Then write this down and try to exchange energy-consuming activities more often for something that gives you energy.


If you don’t drink enough, you dry out. This can make you feel sluggish and tired. Start your day with a large glass of water and try to drink at least 1 liter of water. This not only gives you more energy, but also makes your skin shine more and makes you feel full faster. So only benefits! You want to get more out of this? Then add some colloidal silver or colloidal gold to your water.


A good breakfast ensures that your body gets good fuels. This will make you start the day more energetic and get your digestion going. Don’t you feel like having a big breakfast in the morning? Then at least eat a piece of fruit or a bowl of yogurt. This way you can get back on your toes and you can always eat your breakfast even later.


Can’t you start the day without a few cups of coffee? Then you might not like this tip very much. It is a lot better for your energy if you only drink your first cup of coffee after lunch. Your body then creates adenosine, which can also be described as a natural sedative. Caffeine is much more useful right now than if you just woke up.

Take a break more often

A lot of people keep going until they don’t have an ounce of energy left. All you want to do is lie on the couch and do nothing more. Do you often collapse in the middle of the afternoon? Then it’s easy to do something about it. Just take a break more often. Walk outside, stretch your muscles or do something else. You will notice that at the end of the day you have a lot more energy left.


Any kind of movement causes your energy to flow. Don’t you feel like spending hours in the gym? Then we have some good news. It has been proven that moderately intensive exercise every day is a lot better than running three times a week. Go for a walk, do a fun dance workout or relax with yoga.

Healthy eating and drinking

Nutrition can not only give your body extra energy, but also cost energy. Before you kick your diet, it’s important to find out if you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Many people are deficient in vitamins or minerals without even noticing it. Many of these shortages come because the healthy choices in the supermarket are not so healthy at all. A lot of farmland is of low quality, so few minerals end up in the vegetables. It is therefore best to choose vegetables with an organic quality mark. This contains more nutrients and also uses fewer chemicals.

A good way to find out if your meal is nourishing or filling is to see how you feel after meals. Do you suffer from an after dinner dip? Then there is a very good chance that your meal has only been filling, because a nourishing meal gives you energy.