Self-love is essential for a nice life. You get more confidence but can also give more love to someone else. In this blog you can therefore read everything about developing more self-love.

Start the day positively

A lot of people aren’t even awake yet or they already have a smartphone in their hands. Nice to stay up to date with the world news, your friends or all gossips but it’s not very stimulating for the development of self-love. So try taking time for yourself. You can do this by starting your day with a meditation. Meditating makes you feel at home in your body and experience more peace. This makes you more open to positive energy and you automatically work on more self-love.

A negative self-image can affect your whole day. If you start your day with negativity, chances are you’ll end your day feeling negative too. Therefore, take the time to remind yourself of all the good and fun things and be grateful for that. Write down these points and read them through the moments when you don’t feel so sure about yourself.

Guard your borders

If people constantly cross your borders, chances are you will get stressed and tired by this. To prevent you from gaining less self-confidence, it is good to discover where your boundaries lie. You can do this by reflecting on situations and looking for signals that help you get to know yourself. If you have systematically let your environment go beyond your limits, it is difficult to teach them this. You will therefore not have to re-educate your environment, but also yourself. Set your limits and enforce them, too. Someone else isn’t doing this for you. You’re worth getting treated well.


A mantra is often linked to religion and spirituality. It is relaxing and opens a door to a higher consciousness. It is precisely because of this that mantras are also perfect for increasing self-love and self-acceptance. A mantra aimed at loving yourself always starts with ‘I’ and can also be seen as an affirmation. If you want to love yourself more, “I’m worth it” can be a good mantra. Pronounce these words with full attention so you can really feel it. Keep this up for a few weeks and you will see that your self-image becomes a lot more positive. Do you want to open the door to a higher consciousness in addition to self-love? Colloidal gold  broadens consciousness and opens you up to spirituality.

Do things that make you happy

If you are happy and happy, it is a lot easier to love yourself. When you make sure that you are well in your own skin, you automatically make sure that you increase your self-love. You can achieve this by doing something that makes you happy. This can be practicing your hobby, a long walk or just surrounding yourself with people you love.