Quality is a word that can be explained in many ways. Certainly if it is only checked against personal preferences.

However, for Crystal there is only one criterion for quality: quality must be measurable. Crystal clear, clear and in firm figures.

Quality study Hogeschool Zuyd

Dutch suppliers of colloidal silver, silver ointment and colloidal gold are being examined by Hogeschool Zuyd.

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has conducted a quality study of colloidal silver, silver ointment and colloidal gold at a dozen Dutch colloidal silver and gold suppliers.

View some of the conclusions from the Crystal colloidal silver and gold report below.

Conclusions of the Silver report

  • Only Crystal delivers a product where the specified concentration of silver and the measured concentration of silver match each other.
  • If it is assumed that colloidal silver must consist of more than 50% colloidal particles and therefore may contain less than 50% ionic silver, Crystal is the only supplier that supplies colloidal silver.
  • The specified particle size of the product is only guaranteed by Crystal and is many times lower than the particle size of the other suppliers.
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Conclusions of the Gold report

  • The products that emerge as the best from this research are the colloidal gold products from the manufacturers Crystal, The Radiant Sun and Multiwave Healing.
  • The manufacturers Crystal and Multiwave Healing adhere to the specified values.
  • The manufacturers who have reported the concentration but do not meet it are: Cruydhof, N.G.C. Energy Healing e.g. and Total Balance.
  • The manufacturers who have specified the particle size but do not comply with it are: Meditech Europe and Natural Mineral.
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Crystal vs other suppliers

Below you will find an overview of the difference in effective working area between Crystal and other suppliers.

The concentration in a product is actually meaningless. If a concentration of, for example, 10 ppm (mg / l) of silver in the form of a lump occurs in a liter, the effective effective surface area is 6 mm 2. This lump does nothing at all.

If this lump is divided into particles of 0.65 nanometers, the effective working surface is no less than 7.1 m2 and has 5.6 billion times a billion particles. These all do their job.

It is indeed like Professor Gibbs said: The particle size is all determining for colloids.

For detailed information about the effective surface area, go to our knowledge center.

m2/l Crystal Other supplier


Other supplier

* Effective working area in m2 / l

Suppliers under the microscope

What you see below is an overview of what suppliers put on their packaging what is in it and is actually measured by independent and certified laboratories.

On this page in the knowledge center you will find the analysis results of the laboratory.

The blue area of the circle is what you think you are buying and the red area is what you actually get.

mg/l Measured value Specified value


Andere leverancier

Specified value

Measured value

* Concentration in mg / l (ppm)

For the Laboratory report, go to the knowledge center.

Calculate the total surface area of the particles yourself

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1. Choose a colloidal

2. Enter the concentration

3. Enter the particle size

The result of colloidal -

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