Crystal sees it as its mission to make the highest possible quality colloidal minerals available to its users. The all-determining and fundamental principle here is not primarily to earn money on one’s own product, but to guarantee the highest quality assurance for users of colloidal minerals in general.

This immediately establishes the fundamental motivation of the company. The spiritually driven quest to bring colloidal silver users into contact with the best quality also prompts the Crystal company to constantly look for Colloidal silver of the highest quality. That is why the colloidal products from Crystal are of the highest quality available.

The emergence

Crystal was founded a few years ago by Loek Stroeken, although founded in Loek’s vision may not be the right word. He sees it more as an assignment he has received. The emergence of Crystal is reminiscent of the classical literary theme of change, about which all major writers such as Tolstoi, Hugo, Dostoevsky and

Have written Czech. In their stories, the protagonist, due to circumstances, comes to a point in his life where his or her life suddenly turns one hundred and eighty degrees. The main character comes to a form of repentance and will never be able to return to the life before that crucial moment.

The year 1998

It is 1998. In the previous twenty-four years, Loek has made a top career as a scientist within the chemical company DSM. His merits, both literally in money and in successes in his field, are excellent. His life revolves around his work and the luxury that he and his family can afford. But apparently there is a loss in his life, because he starts with a piece of life deepening by following a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

When he returns home on a motorcycle evening to an NLP course one evening in 1998, something happens that will change his life completely and forever. On the motorway, his engine is hit at full speed from the rear and Loek remains seriously injured on the road surface.

The accident

After a long period of rehabilitation and recovery that follows, Loe’sk accident appears to have changed considerably already. Not only has his otherwise always carefree nature changed, but also his outlook on life. The change has far-reaching consequences. Within a year, Loek’s and his wife’s marriage breaks down, he is at odds with his son Mike and his daughter Franny, and he loses his job.


He tries to fill the emptiness in which he has ended up by becoming a member of the Dutch zero point energy group. Colloidal silver comes on its path for the first time.

It initially attracts his interest as a scientist. But that scientific interest soon gives way to a more spiritually driven enthusiasm. Namely that colloidal silver, and in particular its effect on human health, is of great importance for humanity. His enthusiasm is first fueled by his own experiences with that effect and then gets a huge deepening because he can also scientifically explain the quality of colloidal silver from his previous history.

Only the best

When Loek realizes that it is his calling to make colloidal silver of the highest and best quality available on a large scale, an enormous peace falls over him.

He gets to work enthusiastically. With all his physics knowledge and equipment specially purchased in the United States, he tries to make colloidal silver himself in his basement. If this does not lead to the desired results, he will stop. But then some time later an energetic therapist appears on his path. In the sessions they have together, the therapist tells Loek that he must return to the colloidal silver. Loek delves into the matter with more determination than ever. The name Crystal is born, originating from the NLP period, in which people who spoke to Loek indicated that he provided them clarity through those conversations.

The change

The new road itself has little clarity and mainly setbacks. His family turns away from the “mad scientist” whose product is not bought by anyone, his equipment fails, and no bank is willing to provide him with a loan. But the calling of his mission is so strong that Loek goes in search of solutions.

Through much research and development, he comes to the high quality that Crystal wants to use as a product. The feeling that this is the way he must go, becomes stronger in this period despite all the setbacks and opposition. He now says about that himself: “I think that everything in my past has led me here.

The accident and also my period at DSM. That way I know everything about the product. As if I am ready to do this. ”

But no matter how great the drive is for Loek to give mankind the power of colloidal silver, conversely, there seems to be only resistance in the early days of Crystal with that same mankind. Loek became somewhat embittered during this period due to constant negative reports in the press about colloidal silver and the skeptical attitude of other scientists and the public. Loek himself says about that: “I have felt bitterness against humanity a number of times. So much so that I thought: “Just choke on it. But I had to go on. I had no choice. ”

This continuation translated into a kind of mission rather than a commercial choice. For Loek, making colloidal minerals of the highest quality still exceeds the commercial importance of his own Crystal product.

Quality is the highest standard for Crystal in its mission. This almost obsessive passion for quality has led to the fact that Crystal’s colloidal products are of the highest quality available. “If I come across a company tomorrow that delivers a better quality colloidal silver than we will immediately tell my customers:” Go there, “says Loek.

A large part of Loek’s commitment within the Crystal company is therefore focused on providing information about colloidal silver and its quality in the form of presentations and lectures.


For Loek, the path of Crystal is a spiritual path. Not making colloidal silver itself. The latter is simply a scientific process for him. For Loek, the spiritual aspect lies in the choice to only deliver the highest quality. For Loek, choosing quality is a spiritual choice. “It is a spiritual task for people to choose quality in your life every day. That means that you have to do everything you do with attention. ”

In 2016, Loek Stroeken is entering a new phase in which he will focus his thoughts on his retirement and continue his further life in the areas of spirituality and quality of life. From this period onwards Loek starts looking for a passionate successor for Crystal Colloidals. 2018 is the calibration date in which this new phase of life will take shape.

His motto for life is and remains: “spirituality: choosing quality every moment of the day!”