Some things you need to know regarding the prejudices that exist to switch from glass to PET:

  • First, it is important that you make a difference between the ionic and colloidal silver if one is filling Colloidal silver or other colloids in bottles. As you may know, Ionic silver water exists out of silver ions and water. Silver ions are missing an electron and are therefore unstable and always looking to find an electron. Ionic silver is in this context extremely keen to react with chlorine, forming silver chloride. If, therefore, ionic silver is poured in bottles then it should be poured in bottles where no traces of chlorine are present. PE and PET have no chlorine and thus it is possible to pour ionic silver in these bottles.
  • The statement that you cannot package colloidal silver in plastic has to be more specific because there are thousands of types of plastic. It is true that you can find such statements on sites of colloidal silver vendors who do not even know what they are selling. They make excellent use of fear in people, this will always work perfectly, but it is not based on knowledge

  • Colloidal silver is silver particles suspended in water. As we know, both materials are very stable. It is a fundamentally different product. One must be well aware that real colloidal silver is just silver particles in water. Silver does not react with PET or PE and water either. Why would then a reaction occur? Water (Evian) is bottled in PET bottles for years without doing anything to the quality or taste.
  • The silver particles remain in suspension, as long as the Zeta potential will remain at the correct level. If the Zeta potential changes then agglomeration (clumping together) will occur, which makes the particles larger and the product loses effectiveness. The Zeta potential again, may be affected if the conductivity of the carrier material (in this case water) changes. The conductivity of the water can be increased only by conductive-increasing substances, Think about this in for example air-pollution. If one were filling colloidal silver under nitrogen it would have an unlimited shelf life. However, it should not freeze because it would affect the Zeta potential by the forming of crystals in the water.

  • Both PE and PET contain no substances that can increase the conductivity, because they are simply not in there. Besides the fact that PET has super barrier properties and emits nothing to the bottled product.
  • Furthermore, since March 2011, we have stored our products in the currently used bottles without any change in quality.
  • One will now be able to understand that we are not guided by some nonsense that is on the Internet. If we would do that we would place commerce over quality and we would maybe miss those customers would believe this nonsense. Commerce over quality in our company is unthinkable.
  • The transition of our packaging for all our products from glass to PET is done for environmental reasons and reasons related  to transport (much heavier) and the risk of breakage during transport. The CO2 emission of a glass bottle is about twice as large as a PET Bottle.
  • We too, see the images of the pollution of the earth and have a great deal of trouble with it. The cause of this pollution, however, is not the plastic, but how we people deal with it. If we now blame the plastic, nothing will change in the future. It will only change if we all adjust our behaviour and become very aware of the real problem. To blame others we are doing for centuries and will not change anything at all.
  • We stand for only one thing and that is quality that we always guarantee.