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What is the difference between colloidal and ionic?

Genuine colloidal silver is a solution that consists of more than 50% colloidal silver. Ionic silver is a solution of more than 50% ionic silver. When ingested internally, ionic silver has no influence on the body, so it is important to be aware of the distinction between the two products.

What does PPM mean?

PPM refers to the particles per million and is used to describe the concentration of the product. One PPM corresponds to 1 milligram of something per liter of water (mg / l). However, concentration is not the most important factor for colloidal substances.

What should I look out for when I am looking for colloidal products?

Many producers of “colloidal silver” actually sell you ionic silver and label it as colloidal silver. It is possible to recognize an ionic silver solution if you know what to look for. If you consider the following, your solution is ionic:
• The liquid is clear and colorless, just like water.
• The bottle must be made of glass – ionic solutions will usually not survive in anything other than glass. So if a producer tells you that the product can only be in a glass bottle, you can be sure that the product is ionic.
• Light sensitivity – Some ionic solutions are light sensitive. If a manufacturer warns you that the bottle is not allowed in direct light, you can safely assume that the solution is usually ionic.

How do I use the colloidal water?

You can use the product externally and internally. If you take it internally, it is best to keep the dose under your tongue for as long as possible and then swallow it slowly. This allows your body to absorb the colloidal product more effectively.

What is nano silver or gold?

Nano silver or gold is a short way to refer to the nano particles of colloidal products. Colloid solutions must contain extremely small particles. Our particle size for colloidal silver is 0.65 nm. Most producers don’t even come close to this.

Under what circumstances should I store the colloidal water?

Room temperature is the best for the product. However, if the product freezes, it becomes completely unusable. Many ionic silver producers state that the product must be stored in the dark, in a glass bottle, etc. This is not the case for truly colloidal products.

How do I know which colloidal water is the best?

Crystal makes every effort to analyze all products on the market and to ensure that this information is always available to consumers. We believe that consumers have the right to always know what is in their products. We compare the different suppliers on this page. Contact us if you have any doubts.

Have you compared Crystal's colloidal water with other suppliers?

Consult our knowledge center under the article “Crystal vs. other suppliers”

To which countries does Crystal send the colloidal products?

We ship to almost everywhere within the European Union. However, we do not ship to Scandinavia and Switzerland.

What is protein silver?

Silver protein products have very large particle sizes and usually a very high concentration (30 PPM or more). The particles are so large that they would not linger without protein additives. These products are known to cause argyria and this must be avoided.

Can my skin color change with the use of Crystal colloidal products?

No. But taking too high concentrations of ionic silver or protein silver can cause argyria.

Who can take colloidal minerals?

Our products can be used by adults, children, babies and animals.

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