Crystal colloidal zinc has a concentration of 15ppm or 15 milligrams per liter.
Many users believe that ppm is a measure of the quality of colloidal zinc. It is often suggested that the higher the ppm, the better the quality. This is something that many producers want you to believe but is absolutely not true.
The value ppm alone is meaningless relative to the quality without the particle size.

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Particle size

The particle size of Crystal colloidal zinc is 20 nanometers.
The effectiveness of colloidal zinc is determined by the particle size. This is easy to explain. The smaller the particle, the greater the number of particles, the more effective the product.

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Crystal colloidal zinc consists of 100% colloidal zinc.

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Effective working surface

The unique specifications of Crystal colloidal zinc result in an effective working surface of 0.6 m2 / l.
The most important value for the quality of colloidal zinc is the effective surface area.
The better the specifications, the greater the effective surface area, the more effective the product.

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About Crystal colloidal zinc

Crystal colloidal zinc is unique because of our composition. Crystal colloidal zinc consists of 100% colloidal zinc particles with a size of 20 nanometers and has a concentration of 15 ppm, whereby Crystal colloidal silica has an effective effective surface area of ​​0.6 m2 / liter.
Our colloidal zinc was created thanks to the knowledge gained in recent years in the field of colloids.

The color of colloidal zinc

Crystal colloidal zinc is clear and colorless. Due to its high quality and purity, Crystal colloidal zinc is transparent. The color of our colloidal zinc is caused by the 100% colloidal zinc particles.

The package

At Crystal, quality is central, quality that is not only translated into the specifications of colloidal zinc but also in the packaging.
Delivering quality is one thing, guaranteeing quality is just as important.
For example, our colloidal zinc 200 ml bottle has a handy flip-top cap that makes it easier to use. Furthermore, with our 200 ml bottle of colloidal zinc you also get a spoon and pipette.

With the 1000 ml bottle of colloidal zinc you get a free refill set that consists of a 100 ml bottle with a handy flip-top cap, atomizer, spoon and pipette.

Contraindication colloidal zinc

Are you allergic to zinc? Then we advise you not to use colloidal zinc.
Zinc allergy is extremely rare, but not unprecedented. If you are uncertain about a possible zinc allergy, drop a few drops of colloidal zinc on the back of the hand and see if an allergic reaction occurs.