Crystal Colloidal Silver

Our colloidal silver is truly colloidal silver, a mixture of very small silver particles made from 0.9999 pure silver in Grander® vitalised ultra pure water. This means that the majority of Crystal colloidal silver water consists of silver particles, not silver ions. Our colloidal silver tastes like water. However, a slightly metallic taste has sometimes been heard.

Crystal colloidal silver water has a concentration of 10 ppm, consists of 80.5% colloidal silver particles with a size of 0.65 nanometers. This composition ensures that Crystal colloidal silver has the largest effective active surface area of 7.1 m2 / liter.

We constantly analyze our quality, guaranteeing the highest concentration of 80.5% colloidal silver particles in the world. We also analyze the quality of other suppliers and we find shocking results at many suppliers. They deliver a maximum of 10% colloidal.

Products with real colloidal silver are unfortunately the least common forms of colloidal silver water on the market due to the high complexity of the production process and the resulting high costs. Real colloidal silver is silver in particle form (globules) in water. In the art, these globules are called colloids if the size is larger than 1 atom and less than 100,000 nanometers. We believe that only a product with more than 50% colloidal silver particles may be sold as colloidal silver or colloidal silver water. Crystal colloidal silver contains 80.5 percent colloidal silver.

There are currently three different types of silver water that are sold as ‘colloidal silver’: ionic silver, protein silver and genuine colloidal silver. Consumers looking for real colloidal silver are at a disadvantage because ionic silver and protein silver products are sold as real colloidal silver. Below you will find a brief explanation of the three types and the difference.

The difference between ionic silver water and colloidal silver water is caused by the particles. Ionic silver is silver dissolved in water, also called silver ions. Colloidal silver are silver particles in water. Silver ions form a compound in the body with chlorine to form silver chloride. Silver particles do not do that. The effect of silver chloride in the body has nothing to do with the effect of colloidal silver.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the products sold as colloidal silver consist of ionic silver. The composition of these products consists of a maximum of 10% real colloidal silver and a minimum of 90% silver ions. The producers of ionic silver claim that colloidal silver water should look like clear water, but that is not the case. Companies that sell ionic silver and claim that their product is truly colloidal silver try to confuse you – the buyer. Don’t be fooled. If the product is clear and colorless, then there is ionic silver, not real colloidal silver.
Question: Would you feel cheated if you buy a pack of freshly squeezed orange juice that only contains 10% orange juice and 90% water?

To be sure that you purchase the highest quality genuine colloidal silver, you need 4 specifications. After years of analysis, Crystal has not encountered any producers that supply colloidal silver water with a better quality than Crystal.

Which 4 specifications?

Silver ionic products are the most common products after ionic silver products that are sold as colloidal silver. These products are easily recognized by the concentration of 30 ppm or higher. Silver protein consists of silver particles and a protein binder. This binder ensures that the large particles float in the liquid. Silver protein is very easy to produce by adding water to silver protein powder that can be purchased at various chemical companies. We strongly advise against the use of silver protein because of the often high concentration, the excessively large silver particles and the protein binder present.

Here you can see the overview of the price-quality ratio of our colloidal silver. As you can see, the price of Crystal colloidal silver is the lowest per effectiveness. You will find detailed information in the reports from the Hogeschool Zuyd.

The Hogeschool Zuyd (Heerlen, NL) has carried out a quality study into the quality of various suppliers of Dutch colloidal silver and silver ointment. You can read some conclusions of the study below. You can also find these conclusions in the report. You can download the full report by clicking on “download report silver” under the conclusions.
  • Only Crystal supplies a product where the specified concentration of silver and the measured concentration of silver match.

  • If it is assumed that colloidal silver water must consist of more than 50% colloidal particles and therefore may contain less than 50% ionic silver, Crystal is the only supplier that supplies colloidal silver .

  • The specified particle size of the product is only guaranteed by Crystal and is many times lower than the particle size of the other suppliers.

Crystal colloidal silver water is a clear amber-colored liquid. You can easily tell by the color of colloidal silver whether you have actually purchased colloidal silver. True colloidal silver water is an amber-colored liquid: it is reminiscent of chilled tea. Genuine colloidal silver owes its characteristic color to the high concentration of silver particles, so it is the silver particles that cause the color. This is in contrast to most so-called colloidal silver products on the market where the liquid looks like water. These products consist of ionic silver and sometimes even that is missing.


Crystal colloidal silver has a concentration of 10 ppm. But what does 10 ppm mean?
exactly and why do we say that this value alone is meaningless?

With liquids, Ppm is the same as milligrams per liter (mg / l).

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Particle size

Crystal colloidal silver water consists of 97% silver particles with a size of 0.65 nanometers. These particles consist of ± 19 – 20 atoms. The remaining 3% has a particle size of 2.8 nanometers. It is physically impossible to allow smaller silver particles to exist in water, because the laws of nature do not allow this. So there are no smaller silver particles than those of Crystal colloidal silver. This is one of the reasons why we provide the best quality colloidal silver water. The particle size determines the effectiveness of colloidal silver, because the smaller the particle, the more particles and the more effective the product.

Professor Ronald J. Gibbs was from 1984 to 2000 director of the center for colloidal sciences at the University of Delaware. In his book he wrote the following:

“The size of the particles in colloidal silver suspensions we use are very important. Particle size controls the effectiveness of the colloidal silver suspension”

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Composition, colloidal vs ionic

When do we call a liquid colloidal silver?
If the liquid contains more than 50% colloidal silver and therefore less than 50% ionic silver.

Crystal colloidal silver water contains 80.5% colloidal silver and 19.5% ionic silver. Our colloidal silver contains ionic silver, because the production of colloidal silver always produces ionic silver. Ionic silver and colloidal silver cannot be compared in terms of effect, they are two completely different substances. Research from Hogeschool Zuyd (Heerlen, NL) has shown that most products consist of only 10% colloidal silver and 90% ionic silver.

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Effective surface area

The effective surface area is the most important value that reflects the quality of colloidal silver water. With Crystal colloidal silver 10 ppm, this is a whopping 7.1 m2 / l. The larger the effective surface area, the more effective the colloidal silver. The effective working surface is the most important value for the quality of a colloidal, because it is determined by the specifications of colloidal silver. The better the specifications, the better the colloidal silver.

The effective surface area is determined by the amount of silver, indicated in ppm (mg / l), the particle size and the percentage of colloidal silver. The ionic silver cannot be included, because they are not particles. The smaller the particle, the greater the number of particles, the greater the total surface area of all particles or the effective effective surface area.

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Explanation about skin discoloration or Argyria

Crystal colloidal silver is truly colloidal silver water and does not cause skin discoloration (argyria).
Argyria is a skin condition where the skin turns blue gray. Almost everyone knows the story of Paul Karason, who was called “The Blue Man.” The story of the Blue Man was a case of deception from an advertising agency and paid for by a pharmaceutical company.

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As you can read, Crystal quality is key. Quality that is translated into the specifications of the product, but also in the packaging. Delivering quality is one thing, guaranteeing quality is just as important. For example, our 200 ml bottle is equipped with a handy flip-top cap that makes use easier. Furthermore, with our 200 ml bottle of colloidal silver you also get a spoon and a pipette. With the 1000 ml bottle of colloidal silver you get a free refill set consisting of a 100 ml bottle with a handy flip-top cap, atomizer, spoon and pipette.

Contra-indications colloidal silver

If you are allergic to silver, you should not use Crystal colloidal silver water. Allergic reactions to silver are rare, but not unknown. A person with a silver allergy is unable to wear silver objects. If you are uncertain about a possible silver allergy, you can apply a few drops of colloidal silver on the back of your hand. If you don’t see a response after 30 minutes, you can be pretty sure that you have no silver allergy.