Here on the left you see the overview of the price-quality ratio of our colloidal gold compared to other suppliers. As you can see, the price of Crystal colloidal gold is the lowest per effectiveness. You will find detailed information in the reports from the Hogeschool Zuyd

For a quality study, the Hogeschool Zuyd (Heerlen, NL) has investigated the colloidal gold products of nine Dutch suppliers. Below you can read some conclusions from the report. The full report can be downloaded by clicking on “download report gold” under the conclusions.
  • The products that emerge as the best from this study are the colloidal gold products from the manufacturers Crystal, The Shining Sun and Multiwave Healing.
  • The manufacturers Crystal and Multiwave Healing adhere to the specified values.
  • The manufacturers who have reported the concentration but do not meet it are: Cruydhof, N.G.C. Energy Healing e.g. and Total Balance.
  • The manufacturers that have specified the particle size but do not meet it are: Meditech Europe and Natural Mineral.

Crystal colloidal gold has a clear ruby red color. Our colloidal gold water is clear and not cloudy. The color can change slightly from light ruby red to dark ruby red to purple with increasing concentration of gold present. At a concentration of 10 ppm the color is ruby red. If your colloidal gold water is colorless then there is no colloidal gold in the product.

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The concentration of Crystal colloidal gold water is 10 ppm, which is the same for liquids as 10 milligrams per Liter (mg / l). For many producers and users of colloidal gold, ppm is a measure of quality, the higher the ppm, the better the quality. This is something that many colloidal gold producers want you to believe but is absolutely not true.

Without the particle size the value is ppm alone, meaningless with regard to quality.

We take as an example Crystal colloidal gold, 10 ppm or 10 milligrams of gold per liter.

Imagine if we do 1 scoop of gold of 10 milligrams in 1 liter of water, then we have a concentration of 10 PPM gold or 10 milligrams of gold per liter of water.

If we chop the same piece of gold into trillions of gold particles and we divide all those colloidal particles into 1 liter of water, we still have a liquid with 10 PPM gold or 10 milligrams of gold per liter.

The last liquid is of course many times more effective. The difference is the particle size in which the 10 milligrams per liter is divided. That is why we say “the value of ppm alone is absolutely meaningless with regard to quality”.
That brings us to particle size.

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Particle size

Crystal colloidal gold water consists of gold particles with a size of 3.2 nanometers. Our colloidal gold particles are so small that they can only be seen with the most powerful electron microscope.

For comparison 1 gold atom is 0.288 nanometers in diameter, the gold particles in Crystal colloidal gold water are only 11 times the diameter of 1 atom.

The particle size determines the effectiveness of colloidal gold because the smaller the particle, the more particles, the more effective the colloidal gold. We have not yet encountered colloidal gold with a smaller particle size like Crystal.

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The composition of Crystal colloidal gold water is 100% colloidal gold. Our colloidal gold contains no ionic gold.

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Effective working surface

The effective working surface of Crystal colloidal gold water 10 ppm is no less than 1.0 m2 / l. The effective working surface is the most important value that reflects the quality of colloidal gold, the larger the effective working surface, the more effective the product. The effective surface area is the most important value for the quality of colloidal gold water because it is determined by the colloidal specifications. The better the specifications, the better the colloidal gold.

The effective active area is determined by the amount of gold indicated in ppm (mg / l) and the particle size. The smaller the gold particle, the greater the number of gold particles, the greater the total area of all gold particles, or effectively effective area.

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The package

As you could have read, quality is central to Crystal. Quality that is translated into the colloidal gold specifications but also in the packaging. Delivering quality is one thing, guaranteeing quality is just as important.

Our colloidal gold 200 ml bottle is equipped with a handy flip-top cap that makes it easier to use. Furthermore, with our 200 ml bottle of colloidal gold you also get a spoon and pipette. With the 1000 ml bottle of colloidal gold you get a free refill set that consists of a 100 ml bottle with a handy flip-top cap, atomizer, spoon and pipette.

Contraindications gold

If you have a gold allergy, you may not use Crystal colloidal gold. Allergic reactions to gold are rare but not unprecedented. Someone with a gold allergy is unable to wear gold objects. The person who is uncertain about a possible gold allergy can apply a few drops of colloidal gold to the back of the hand. If you do not see a reaction after 30 minutes you can be sure that you do not have a gold allergy.