What is colloidal gold?

Gold water: colloidal gold Gold is a precious metal that is as old as the earth. It has therefore been used for centuries for various applications. But what exactly is colloidal gold? In this blog you can read more about the origin of gold water and the composition of the water of Crystal Colloidal. What…

colloïdaal goud en spiritualiteit

Colloidal gold and spirituality

Several sources write about the medicinal effect of gold and silver water. However, this is not the only thing that water is known for. Colloidal gold also has a positive effect on the development of your spirituality. On this page you can read more about colloidal gold and spirituality. What is colloidal gold? Colloidal crystal…

The color of colloidal gold

Crystal colloidal gold has a clear ruby red color. The liquid is clear and not turbid at all. The color can change slightly from light ruby red to dark ruby red to purple with increasing concentration of gold present. At 10 PPM the color is ruby red. See image.