The vision of Crystal

“Spirituality is choosing quality every moment of the day.”

Crystal sees it as her mission to make the highest possible quality colloidal minerals available for her users. The all-determining and fundamental principle here is not primarily to earn money on one’s own product, but to guarantee the highest quality assurance for users of colloidal minerals in general.

The arise of Crystal

“Those who want to be irreplaceable must continue to distinguish themselves.”

Crystal was founded in 1998 by Loek Stroeken. After many years of hard work and dedication to the Crystal vision and goals, he managed to offer people the very best quality colloidal mineral products. Last year Loek decided that his life path had changed, and is therefore now enjoying his retirement in the South of France. Despite his retirement, he continues to choose the best quality on a daily basis.

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The future of Crystal

“Growth is not caused by chance; it is the result of forces that work together. “

At the moment, Crystal Colloidal is assuming an increasingly larger position in the world of health. While modern methods often do not perform the task that they are meant to do, Crystal does. This is why Cade Howe left the United States to pursue meaningful and thoughtful work that could change people’s lives. She came to the Netherlands because of her family, but she was so inspired by the company that she decided to continue Crystal’s mission and high quality standards.

“To share these great products with the world.”