Concentration and particle size

The silver concentration is unfortunately not so significant for the quality of colloidal silver. It is of course true that if you cannot expect silver to work, if there is no silver in it. But it is certainly not the case that it is an effective product if it contains a lot. We will try to explain to you why the silver content in itself is meaningless.

PPM Meter

The concentration of a colloidal metal or colloidal mineral in a liquid is indicated by ppm, which is equal to parts per million, which in turn is equal to the number of milligrams per liter (mg / l). The only good method to measure the concentration is through ICP (Inductive Coupled Plasma). You will find a good explanation of this measuring principle in the Report from Hogeschool Zuyd on colloidal gold.

What is protein silver?

Most products that claim to be highly concentrated colloidal silver (with a typical range of 30 ppm or higher) are in fact silver protein products. Some of these products are labeled as Silver Protein or Mild Silver Protein. But most are labeled as colloidal silver and the word protein does not appear anywhere on the label or product description.